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Located in (Music City) Nashville, Tennessee, Ascend Music & Media offers Artist Management and Development, Publishing, Studio Production and Engineering, Publicity, Booking, Video Production and Promotion, quality Radio Release and Promotion to some of the nations top stations, and more!

Ascend Music & Media’s top priority is to provide, with integrity, excellence, and professionalism, the top quality industry related services and to give new and veteran artists multiple avenues of exposure to maximize and further their careers.

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Inspirational Country Music Association

  1. Jenna Faith
    Jenna Faith
  2. Steve Bridgmon
    Steve Bridgmon
  3. Thomas Mac
    Thomas Mac
  4. Tommy Brandt
    Tommy Brandt
  5. Tommy Brandt II
    Tommy Brandt II
  6. Chuck Day
    Chuck Day
  7. Cori & Kelly
    Cori & Kelly
  8. Chris Golden
    Chris Golden
  9. Billy Droze
    Billy Droze
  10. Bruce Hedrick
    Bruce Hedrick
  11. Heather Smith
    Heather Smith
  12. Johnny Rowelett
    Johnny Rowelett
  13. Isaac Cole
    Isaac Cole
  14. Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall
  15. Dan Varner
    Dan Varner